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New York Performing Artist Company brings you story theater   presentations of some of the best-loved stories and myths of all time.  From a cast of one to a cast of many, these critically acclaimed productions combine storytelling, music and dance, and are performed by classically trained artists.  Elegantly costumed with minimal set, these touring productions are ideal for special events, festivals, school assemblies, or fund raisers, and can provide interactive workshops on storytelling, music and dance.  Suitable for family audiences of all ages, the magic of New York Performing Artist Company will take your imagination on a journey you will never forget.

Gypsy Tales: Folktales and Legends from Italy, Greece and Spain.
A quartet of gypsy girls take you on a delightful trip along the northern shores of the Mediterranean, visiting three countries with a rich legacy of music, dance and storytelling. This story-theater presentation also features lively folk dances underscored by engaging folk music of each of these countries.

Banat el Emir or The Dancing Princesses
A fanciful story theater presentation of words, music and dance, told in the tradition of the Tales of the Thousand and One Arabian Nights. Featuring a cast and orchestra of international performers, an original score of music, evocative choreography of classical Middle Eastern dance, and lush storybook costumes Banat el Emir is pure magic for the entire family.

Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves
This magical tale is presented in a story theater solo performance.  Dressed in traditional costume, the storyteller/dancer uses mime, Middle Eastern dance, and physical and vocal characterizations to portray twelve different characters in the story.  She is accompanied by three on-stage costumed musicians playing an underscore of traditional music on Middle Eastern instruments.

Ovid's Metamorphoses

OVID'S METAMORPHOSES provides an ideal way to ignite interest in classical Greek and Roman mythology or rekindle those embers which may have cooled with the passing of time.  Ovid's poetry jumps from the page to the stage, and transports audiences to a time when gods walked the earth.

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