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Evocative of swirling desert sands and the mystery of half-veiled faces, middle eastern dance is once again gaining a large following of devotées, both as students and as audience.  In addition, pop culture is embracing the exciting new music of "world beat," heavily influenced by the unforgettable sounds of percussion.  Experience Middle Eastern dance at its finest in dance programs for school assemblies, festivals, special events, theme nights, and fundraisers.
Montage of Gypsy dances Caravan To Cairo

Take a journey of pure delight aboard Caravan To Cairo, a joyous program of the dances of North Africa and the Middle East, a fast-paced, fun way to introduce school and family audiences to the exuberant moves that accompany the irresistible sounds of the music of the world. Recently performed at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.


A Celebration of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Dance

Premiered November 7, 2003 at 12 Miles West Theatre Company in Montclair.

This dazzling concert-length program, designed for either stage or "floor show" presentation, is comprised of unique dance pieces from the lands which form the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Mosaic features a dynamic variety of rhythms and music, primarily showcasing middle Eastern dance from the earthy folkloric dances of the villages to the glittering contemporary solo of the stylish cabarets. Additionally spotlighted are irresistible Italian and Greek folk dances and passionate Spanish flamenco, creating a vibrant and sparkling entertainment for dance enthusiasts everywhere. 



From the sands of the Sahara to the cabarets of Cairo, the ancient rhythms  of Middle Eastern dance are alive today and you can experience them in the classroom or on the stage with Morgiana, performer and instructor of Middle Eastern dance. 

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